Who is IGG ?

Ilginay Gobut Goksel, is the founder of Atla Geliselim (excellence with horses). She is certified equine guided educator (Strozzi Institute, California) and tv programme producer on the subject of horses. Goksel has 17 years of experience in sales and business development field in telecommunication and fast moving consumer goods sectors. She received her master degree from Webster University, Vienna. She is a horsewomen since 1994.

Why working with horses?

Our experimental, unique method with guidance of horses make learning very effective, real and quick.

Working with horses and simultaneously practising our leadership presence provides a rich opportunity to refine our natural talents and develop new skills needed to get us to our next destination.

Learnings from this programme

*Develop each leader’s style and unique contribution to the whole

*Create a sense of meaning and purpose at work

*Refine team goals and encourage team alignment

*Improve communication and coordination practices

*Nourish creativity and new ways of thinking

*Increase customer satisfaction (internally and externally)

*Develop accountability and collaborative action

*Build team spirit and possibility

*Honor emotional intelligence and nonverbal communication skils

*Enhance project cycles and feedback loops

*Reveal the power of focusing on results

*Develop trust and team alignment

*Creating new strategies for success and fulfillment